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29. mars 2011 12:56

Auglýsing frá Háskólanum í Bergen

Bergen University College is arranging a course for teachers in primary school on Outdoor education in Bergen and surrounding areas June 6th–10th. The purpose of the course is to introduce teachers to Outdoor Education, to give you some ideas on how to practice it, primarily in primary schools and to provide some skills in certain aspects of Outdoor education.


Héðan frá Íslandi hafa nokkrir kennarar farið á þetta námskeið á síðustu tveimur árum.

The course is now open for registration, and there are room for 18 teachers. Please note that we need enough participants to start the course, and we will know this within April 11th.

The fee of NOK 10 600,– includes all costs from Monday to Friday (food, lodge, etc). Travel expenses are not included.


Sign up within April 11th:

Please spread this information to teachers that may be interested. You are welcome to contact us if you need more information.

Read more about the course here:


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